Introducing G-Mynx, sports and fashion wear for all women

Welcome to G-Mynx

G-Mynx was created in spring 2018, the brainchild of us, friends Kelly and Samantha. Both of us are working mums who came together to fulfil a dream of producing high quality sportswear, inclusive for all woman, that’s comfortable, fashionable and fun. We wanted to produce a premium athleisure wear technical range that was geared not only for the gym and to work out in, but also flattering enough to go out in!

We have two very different body types however we both wanted to wear the same style flattering apparel that enhances their individuality.

So being especially mindful of body image, we created G-Mynx to help drive body positivity and to include women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. At G-Mynx we want function to meet fashion and for our flattering styles to help you to look fabulous everywhere you go!

Why the name G-Mynx? It’s simply the blending of two words Gym and Minx for a cheeky feel.

You can view our first Signature Collection of high quality and super comfortable leggings and bra tops on our online shop, along with our other clothing and accessories. We will be adding more to the range over the coming months so sign-up to our email newsletter (see the footer of this page) and we’ll send you all the details,

We hope you enjoy G-Mynx as much as we have enjoyed creating the range.

Kelly & Sam

Kelly and Sam, founders of G-Mynx

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